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Cariniana domestica (Mart.) Miers

Lecythidaceae Cariniana domestica (Mart.) Miers
S. A. Mori 100001

Collection Date: 30 November -1
Determined By: S. A. Mori
Determination Date: 21 December 2005
Institution: NY


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Image Name: smori_100001_cardomestica_drawing
Caption: Cariniana domestica. A (Prance et al. 7967), B-E (Prance et al. 8834), F-J (Krukoff 5597). A. Habit. B. Flower. C. Andreocium in position on summeit of ovary, petals removed. D. Longitudinal section of flower. E. Cross section of ovary. F. Lateral view of fruit. G. Apical view of fruit. H. Operculum. J. Seeds.

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