Collection Details

J. E. Householder , Amarildo Marques Coelho 2636

Collection Date: 5 April 2013
Determined By: unknown
Determination Date: unknown
Institution: unknown


Continent: South America

Country: Brazil

Region: Roraima

Subregion: Caracarai

Closest Town: Caracarai

Locality Description: Parque Nacional Viruá, estrado perdida near BR 174.

DD Latitude: 1.3635

DD Longitude: -60.9754

Coordinate uncertainty: 1000 m

Min. Elevation: 32 m


Habitat Description: Along stagnant water channel (100-300m wide) dominated by Mauritia flexuosa. Surrounded by low statured campina vegetation. Topography extremely flat.

Soil Description: Inundated year-long. Water fluctuates to about 50cm above surface. Sandy bottoms with some organics in inundated areas.

Habitat: Aguajal

Botanical Data

Plant Notes: Floating aquatic herb with yellow flowers.

Habit: Herb

Other Data

Research Site: Aguajal Viruá #1

Project: Aguajal Project