Collection Details

Species: Protium sp. Jeh993

Burseraceae Protium sp. Jeh993
J. E. Householder 1460

Collection Date: 15 May 2012
Determined By: unknown
Determination Date: unknown
Institution: unknown


Continent: South America

Country: Brazil

Region: Amazonas

Closest Town: Barcelos

Locality Description: Headwaters of Igarapé Maranhão, feeding Rio Cuiuni from north about 20km west of Rio Negro.

DD Latitude: -0.788194

DD Longitude: -63.4549

Coordinate uncertainty: 1000 m

Elevation: 20-60 m


Habitat Description: Permanently saturated wetland at headwaters of igarapé. Water clear to black, acidic, stagnant. Dispersed Mauritia flexuosa dominate canopy. Vegetation open with abundant shrubs and herbs.

Soil Description: Grey clay with thin layer of organic material accumulation (max 50cm).

Habitat: Aguajal Wetland

Botanical Data

Plant Notes: Tree to 2 meters. Juvenile. On Mauritia Island. Sterile.

Habit: Tree

Other Data

Research Site: Aguajal Maranhão

Project: Aguajal Project