Collection Details

Species: Solenidiopsis galianoi Dalstr. & Nuñez

Orchidaceae Solenidiopsis galianoi Dalstr. & Nuñez
J. P. Janovec , A. K. Neill, M. A. Chocce, M. C. Douglas, L. Ccoyo Cordova, 2785

Collection Date: 28 February 2004
Determined By: E. A. Christenson
Determination Date: 1 July 2005
Institution: Sarasota, FL


Continent: South America

Country: Peru

Region: Cusco

Subregion: Paucartambo Province

Closest Town: Paucartambo

Locality Description: Collection made along road between Esperanza and Wayquichas. Wayqecha Cloud Forest Research Station, Kosñipata Valley, between Paucartambo and Pilcopata.

Locality Site Specific: Wayqecha Cloud Forest.

DD Latitude: -13.19

DD Longitude: -71.5888

Elevation: 2800-2950 m


Habitat Description: Cloud forest vegetation mixed with grassland.

Habitat: Aerial

Botanical Data

Plant Notes: Epiphyte with pseudobulbs. Flowers resupinate. Petals and sepals similar, reflexed away from center of flower and back, tan with greenish faces. Lip inflated, globose, pale yellow, with central white callus with tan speckles. Column fused in center of reflexed perianth, white with two brownish spots. Flowers fragrant with sort of a citrus aroma.

Habit: Herb , Epiphyte

Other Data

Research Site: Wayqecha Cloud Forest

Project: Wayqecha Botany