Collection Details

Species: Oenocarpus balickii F. Kahn

Arecaceae Oenocarpus balickii F. Kahn
F. Khan 2380

Collection Date: 25 June 1989
Determined By: F. Khan
Determination Date: 25 June 1989
Institution: unknown


Continent: South America

Country: Peru

Region: Loreto

Subregion: Requena

Locality Description: Lower Ucayali River Basin, Jenaro herrera. 4º 55's 73º 40'w

DD Latitude: -4.9

DD Longitude: -73.67

Botanical Data

Plant Notes: Solitary palm; trunk 10,32m long, 8cm diam., 6 contemporaneous leaves. Inflorescence 57 rachillae; base without flower, median part with pistillate flowers, apicalpart with staminate flowers. Infrutescence 61 rachillae;fruit blue-black when ripe.See notes

Other Data

Project: Herbario Herrense - IIAP

Basis of Specimen: Preserved specimen