Collection Details

Species: GenIndet sp.

Celastraceae GenIndet sp.
D. Daly , C. Peters, J. Valcárcel, L. Vilchez 5656

Collection Date: 16 February 1988
Determined By: D. Daly
Determination Date: 16 February 1988
Institution: unknown


Continent: South America

Country: Peru

Region: Loreto

Subregion: Requena

Locality Description: Basin of rio Ucayali, vecinity of Jenaro Herrera, caño Supay, forest at adge of channel leading to Supay Cocha (oxbow lake), water level at 2/3 flood peak, 04º 55`S 73º 45'W.

DD Latitude: -4.91

DD Longitude: -73.72

Botanical Data

Plant Notes: tree 15 m x 20 cm, bark thick, pitted, brittle, fruits erect, stipitate, oblong, splitting along two sutures to reveal seed enveloped in thick, white, fleshy pulp with bland taste.

Local Name: Chuchuhuasi

Other Data

Project: Herbario Herrense - IIAP

Basis of Specimen: Preserved specimen