Collection Details

Species: Protium unifoliolatum Engl.

Burseraceae Protium unifoliolatum Engl.
A. Balarezo , Ethan Householder, Javier Huinga Maceda 2626

Collection Date: 20 July 2009
Determined By: J. P. Janovec
Determination Date: 14 October 2010
Institution: BRIT


Continent: South America

Country: Peru

Region: Madre de Díos

Subregion: Tambopata

Closest Town: Puerto Maldonado

Locality Description: Rio Bajo Madre de Dios - Northern magin of river several kilometer upriver of confluence of Rio Heath - Plot #4. Aguajal Bolivia.

DD Latitude: -12.4369

DD Longitude: -68.6943

Elevation: 170-210 m


Habitat Description: Swamp habitat dominated by Mauritia flexuosa.

Soil Description: Soils paritially decomposed organic material to mucky; always dark, deep, and acidic. Completley saturated, water flow minimal.

Habitat: Aguajal Wetland

Botanical Data

Plant Notes: Tree. Strong fragrance. Subopposite leaves with flexed petioles. Red inner bark. Morphospecies name: ANACARD B2.

Min. Height: 3 m

Min. DBH: 3.2 cm

Habit: Tree

Other Data

Research Site: Aguajal Bolivia

Project: Aguajal Project