Collection Details

Species: Diospyros manu B. Walln.

Ebenaceae Diospyros manu B. Walln.
J. E. Householder , Angel Balarezo Mozambite, Javier Huinga Maceda 842

Collection Date: 21 August 2009
Determined By: B. Wallnöfer
Determination Date: 16 November 2010
Institution: W


Continent: South America

Country: Peru

Region: Madre de Díos

Subregion: Manu

Closest Town: Puerto Maldonado

Locality Description: Rio Alto Madre de Dios - Boca Manu - Two Km North of local school. Aguajal Boca Manu.

DD Latitude: -12.2566

DD Longitude: -70.898

Coordinate uncertainty: 1000 m

Elevation: 280-320 m


Habitat Description: Canopy dominated by Maurtia flexuosa, understory dominated by Zygia sp.. Local depression aseasonally flooded by rains.

Soil Description: Soils gleysols, greyish and clayey. Little or no organic accumulation in upper horizon.

Habitat: Aguajal Wetland

Botanical Data

Plant Notes: Tree. Immature fruits green. Calyx thickened and persistent (possibly 4 parted). Petioles thick. No latex. Perhaps thin black layer of inner bark. No mucilage.

Min. Height: 15 m

Habit: Tree

Other Data

Research Site: Aguajal Boca Manu

Project: Aguajal Project