Collection Details

Species: Apteria aphylla (Nutt.) Barnhart ex Small

Burmanniaceae Apteria aphylla (Nutt.) Barnhart ex Small
J. L. Clark , M. Chocce, L. Clavijo, M. Overstreet, J. Pérez 11790

Collection Date: 3 June 2010
Determined By: J. P. Janovec
Determination Date: 25 October 2010
Institution: BRIT


Country: Peru

Region: San Martín

Subregion: Rioja

Locality Description: Bosque Proteción Alto Mayo (BPAM). Trocha Kovachii, trail near Centro de Interpretación Venceremos, Highway 5N -Carretera Fernando Belaunde Terry.

DD Latitude: -5.7031

DD Longitude: -77.7389

Elevation: 1700-1800 m


Habitat Description: Mostly bosque montano with patches of bosque enano.

Botanical Data

Plant Notes: Terrestrial herb. Digital photographs of this collection are posted in the Andes-Amazon Atrium of BRIT ( and with John L. Clark (UNA).

Other Data

Project: Flora of Peru