Collection Details

Species: Dioscorea sp.

Dioscoreaceae Dioscorea sp.
J. L. Clark , L. Clavijo, J. Janovec, M. Overstreet, J. Wells 11575

Collection Date: 20 May 2010
Determined By: unknown
Determination Date: unknown
Institution: unknown


Country: Peru

Region: Madre de Díos

Subregion: Tambopata

Locality Description: Distrito: Puerto Maldonado, trail to Aguajal, 37.5 KM west of Puerto Maldonado, highway Cusco-Puerto Maldonado.

DD Latitude: -12.7133

DD Longitude: -69.4697

Elevation: 200-246 m


Habitat Description: Wetland (Aguajal) dominated by Mauritia flexuosa.

Botanical Data

Plant Notes: Scandent herbaceous vine.

Other Data

Project: Flora of Peru