Collection Details

Species: GenIndet sp.

LiverwortFamIndet GenIndet sp.
P. Majestyk , E. Honorio 4271

Collection Date: 14 August 2002
Determined By: P. Majestyk
Determination Date: 19 December 2005
Institution: NY


Continent: South America

Country: Peru

Region: Madre de Díos

Subregion: Tambopata Province

Closest Town: Puerto Maldonado

Locality Description: ca. 13 km W of Puerto Maldonado in small park dominated by Mauritia.

Locality Site Specific: Puerto Maldonado.

DD Latitude: -12.72

DD Longitude: -69.75

Elevation: 220-220 m


Habitat Description: Lowland tropical to subtropical forest.

Habitat: Aerial

Botanical Data

Plant Notes: Liverwort

Habit: Liverwort

Other Data

Research Site: Los Amigos Conservation Concession & Biological Station

Project: Puerto Maldonado Botany