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Erwin, T. L.
Small terrestrial ground beetles of the Amazon Basin (Coleoptera: Bembidiini: Tachyina and Anillina)
Journal Article
Parque Nacional del Manu Pakitza animals invertebrates arthropods insects beetles Coleoptera new species taxonomy systematics Madre de Dios Bibliography
Five new species and one new genus are described for the purpose of providing names for species in ecology studies of small terrestrial ground-beetles in Amazonian Brazil and Peru. The taxa are as follows: MOIRAINPA amazona gen. et sp. nov., Brazil, Amazonas, Manaus vcn., Rio Solimoes, Curari Island 03 degree 15'S to 59 degree 49'W; the new species Polyderis moira, P. ucavali and P. nympha, Peru, Huanuco, Panguana Biological Station, Rio Yuyapichis, 09 degree 37'S to 74 degree 56'W; P. terra, Brazil, Para, Utinga tract near Belem, 01 degree 27'S to 48 degree 29'W. A key is provided for their identification and distributions of the taxa summarized.
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