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Delgado, Cesar;Couturier, Guy;Delobel, Alex
Oviposition of seed-beetle Caryoborus serripes (Sturm) (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) on palm (Astrocaryum chambira) fruits under natural conditions in Peru
Annales de la Societé Entomologique de France
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Parque Nacional del Manu animals invertebrates arthropods insects beetles Coleoptera Bruchidae plants trees palms Arecaceae Astrocaryum chambira fruits plant-animal interactions ecology seed predation Reproduction animal behavior Madre de Dios Bibliography
Mesocarp removal in A. chambira fruits had a significant effect on oviposition by Caryoborus serripes females. When given the choice between unpeeled and peeled freshly fallen fruits, females laid preferentially their eggs on peeled fruits. Once the mesocarp of control fruits had been removed through the action of microorganisms, insects or rodents (after 45 to 62 days), no more difference was observed with peeled fruits. No sign of the existence of an intraspecific competition avoidance mechanism in ovipositing females was detected. Resulting larval mortality was high.
Dec., 1997 English