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Twomey, Evan;Brown, Jason L.
A partial revision of the Ameerega hahneli complex (Anura: Dendrobatidae) and a new cryptic species from the East-Andean versant of Central Peru
Journal Article
Los Amigos;new species;vertebrates;taxonomy;systematics;frogs;poison frogs;geographic distribution;morphology;large spatial scales
We describe a new species of poison frog from central Peru which has been referred to as Ameerega picta and A. hahneli for the past thirty years. To our knowledge the new species is endemic to Peru and occurs throughout the east-Andean versant between roughly 6 and 10 degrees south latitude. Recent phylogenies using molecular data show that the new species and A. hahneli are not closely related despite being similar in pattern, color, and morphology. Our data suggest that the new species is a sister taxon to A. rubriventris, which is readily distinguishable from the new species by its reddish venter. The new species can be distinguished furthermore from other Ameerega species by possessing white (rather than yellow or cream) dorsolateral stripes, and from the similar A. hahneli by differences in advertisement calls and larval morphology.