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Alberdi, M. T.;Prado, J. L.;Salas, R.
The Pleistocene Gomphotheriidae (Proboscidea) from Peru
Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Palaontologie-Abhandlungen
Journal Article
Cuvieronius Stegomastodon Gomphotheriidae Pleistocene Ayusbamba haplomastodon interchange fossils Los Amigos CICRA distributions paleontology animals mammals Madre de Dios Bibliography
Morphological characters of South American Gomphothere remains from Peru are described and discussed in this work. We assign the remains from Ayusbamba (Cuzco) to Cuvieronius hyodon and the remains from La Huaca (Piura), Quipan (Canta) and Serpentin of Pasamayo to Stegomastodon waringi. It is not possible to distinguish remains from Rio Madre de Dios, referred to the late Miocene of Amazonia, from other Stegomastodon waringi specimens from late Pleistocene of Peru based on dental morphology. Consequently, further data are needed to confirm the earliest appearance of Gomphotheriidae in Peru. We also describe Gomphothere migration routes from the North and examine their palaeobiogeographical implications.