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Wild, E. R.
The tadpoles of Hyla fasciata and H. allenorum, with a key to the tadpoles of the Hyla parviceps group (Anura, Hylidae)
Journal Article
Anura hylidae Hyla fasciata Hyla allenorum tadpoles animals amphibians frogs tadpoles taxonomy Cusco Amazónico Hyla parviceps Madre de Dios Bibliography
The tadpoles of Hyla fasciata and H. allenorum are described. No features were found to distinguish between the tadpoles of H. fasciata and H. calcarata, but the former is easily diagnosed from other members of the H. geographica group for which the tadpoles are known. The tadpole of H. allenorum is typical of tadpoles in the H. parviceps group in having a bluntly ovoid body with a broadly curved snout, anteroventral oral disc lacking labial teeth, moderately robust serrate jaw sheaths, lateral eyes, sinistral spiricle, dextral vent, and a tail with a flagellum. It differs in lacking papillae on a reduced oral disc and in having two dorsolateral, longitudinal cream-gold stripes. An illustrated key to the known tadpoles of the H. parviceps group is provided.