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Takiya, D. M.;Mejdalani, G.
On the Central and Western Amazonian genus Tacora Melichar, 1926 (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Cicadellinae): Key to species and descriptions of three new taxa
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Cicadellidae Cicadellinae taxonomy new species speciation distributions Hemiptera systematics Tacora henriquesi animals invertebrates arthropods insects distributions Madre de Dios Bibliography
Three new species of the Neotropical genus Tacora MELICHAR, 1926 are described and illustrated: T. henriquesi sp. n. (Brazil: Acre State; Peru: Madre de Dios Department), T. cavichiolii sp. n. (Brazil: Mato Grosso State), and T. karipuna sp. n. (Brazil: Rondonia State). A taxonomic key to males of the five known species is also provided, including the type-species T. dilecta (WALKER, 1851) and T. saturata YOUNG. 1977. Notes on the phylogenetic position of the genus Tacora are given, and its possible sister group relationship with Dasmeusa MELICHAR, 1926 is discussed. It is suggested that the common ancestor of Tacora and Dasmeusa species were distributed throughout the Amazon basin. and was segregated by a vicariant event that isolated the Tacora ancestor in Western Amazonia (Napo and Inambari and possibly Imeri areas of endemism).