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Rypstra, A. L.;Tirey, R. S.
Observations on the social spider, Anelosimus domingo (Araneae, Theridiidae), in southwestern Peru
Journal of Arachnology
Journal Article
Reserva Nacional Tambopata Parque Nacional Bahuaja-Sonene single-species study ecology animals invertebrates arthropods Arachnida spiders Anelosimus domingo animal behavior predation natural history Araneae Theridiidae Madre de Dios Bibliography
The foraging behavior of Anelosimus domingo was observed and preliminary observations were reported about the structure of the web and behavior patterns related to other species of Anelosimus. Five communal webs of the A. domingo were found in the undergrowth of upper floodplain forest at TRZ. In comparison with other species (A. eximus is found in 5-7 habitats of different types of forest), the A. domingo webs are less frequent and are found distant one from another (the shortest distance between two of them is 2.5 Km.); they look like a basket with dead leaves and adjacent vegetation which is used as shelter. It is estimated that each web shelters several hundreds of individuals which have different functions within its community (capturing prey, guarding eggs and caring very young juveniles). This species captures its prey similary to A. eximus and is capable of capturing bigger preys, wrapping them in silk threads before killing them. Although some tolerance and even interespecific cooperation is reported among social spiders, the relationship between A. domingo and A. eximus is very aggressive.
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