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Lotters, S.;De la Riva, I.
Redescription of Atelopus tricolor boulenger from southeastern Peru and adjacent Bolivia, with comments on related forms
Journal of Herpetology
Journal Article
animals amphibians Atelopus tricolor taxonomy systematics herpetofauna herpetology Madre de Dios Bibliography
Atelopus tricolor from the Cordillera Oriental in southeastern Peru is redescribed on the basis of the syntypes and new material. A lectotype is designated. Fresh material of Atelopus from adjacent Bolivia is assigned to this species. The examination of the types of A. rugulosus from southeastern Fern and A. willimani from Bolivia leads to the conclusion that both are junior synonyms of A. tricolor. A comparison with the holotype of A. erythropus from southeastern Peru revealed that it is probably not conspecific with A. tricolor, but a sympatric taxon. Atelopus spumarius andinus differs from A. tricolor in size and is elevated to the species level.