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Jungfer, K. H.
Poison arrow frogs of the genus Epipedobates with red granulated backs from eastern Ecuador and Peru
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Parque Nacional del Manu Animals Chordates Vertebrates Amphibians frogs new species morphology taxonomy Epipedobates systematics distributions Madre de Dios Bibliography
A review of red-backed granulated dendrobatid frogs from the Amazonian lowlands (Oriente) of Eucador and Peru has resulted in the description of two new species. Epipedobates bilinguis sp. n. has conspicuous yellow flecks on upper arms and thighs and has previously been confused with E. parvulus. The latter species is redefined. E. ardens sp. n. from the Departamento San Martin, Peru, has been confused with E. zaparo, but is different in ventral coloration and finger lengths. It might be conspecific with an unidentified frog known only from a color photo from the upper Rio Manu, Departamento Madre de Dios, Peru.
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