Weather Station Details


Data from an automatic weather station at Mesada.
The station is located on a ridge dividing the watersheds of the Chuyuchucha and the Quincuyacu rivers. The station is setup inside a fenced area of 21 x 12 m. The sensors, the data logger and the battery are mounted on a 10 m tall tower with a lightning protector (Franklin). There are two earth grounds with 3/4 inch cobber cables installed, one for the lightning protector and one for the data logger.
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César F. Flores (
Campbell Scientific, Inc.
San Martín
11 Dec 2009
11-Dec-2009 - 01-Jan-2011  
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Vaisala HMP45C Temperature and RH probe
Hidrological Services TB4 Rain gauge Resolución y
Vaisala HMP45C Temperature and RH probe
R.M. Young 05103 Wind Monitor Rango