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Los Amigos CICRA Manual

Los Amigos CICRA Manual
Manual measurements of temperature and precipitation at the Centro de Investigación y Capacitación Rio Los Amigos.
Twenty-four hour temperature minima and maxima have been recorded manually every day on a u-shaped mercury thermometer (see station images tab) hung on a tree in closed-canopy forest roughly 50 m from the station clearing. Rainfall data were collected exclusively in the clearing, using an "All-Weather" transparent plastic graduated rain gauge. Note that from December 2000 to April 2002, rainfall and temperature measurements were made at 6 PM. From May 2002 onwards, the measurement hour has been 7 AM. No data was collected between October 1 2004 and October 18 2005.
Nigel Pitman
Amazon Conservation Association
06-Nov-2000 - 21-Apr-2010  
u-shaped mercury thermometer with minumum and maximum temperature
"All-Weather" transparent plastic graduated rain gauge