Collection Details

Species: Bomarea pumila Grisebach ex Baker

Alstroemeriaceae Bomarea pumila Grisebach ex Baker
J. P. Janovec , J. D. Wells, F. Farro, T. Zgonik 3726

Collection Date: 22 October 2008
Determined By: A. Hofreiter
Determination Date: 30 October 2010
Institution: unknown


Continent: South America

Country: Peru

Region: Cusco

Subregion: Quispicanchis Province

Closest Town: Marcapata

Locality Description: District of Marcapata. Community of Capiri. Collections made from trail to ridge behind Capiri, to the north and east. Trail followed to chacra of Victor and Felix Molino, and then deeper in the cloud forest farther upward.

Locality Summary: Capiri

Locality Site Specific: NE Capiri Ridge

DD Latitude: -13.4427

DD Longitude: -70.9161

Min. Elevation: 2665 m


Habitat Description: Montane cloud forest extending to open elfin forest on peak of the cordillera to the northeast of the Community of Capiri. The open vegetation characterized by stunted cloud forest trees, such as Podocarpus, and a conspicuous diversity of herbs, epiphytes, and ferns. The soil layer is dominated by dark organic matter and thick, saturated moss layers.

Habitat Summary: Montane cloud forest.

Soil Description: Soil thick, dark, and moist to saturated, built up over time from abundant moss growth and litterfall.

Botanical Data

Plant Notes: Herb to 10-20 cm long, growing from moss cover over ground and from low-lying trunks and branches. Flowers with red calyx and yellow corolla.

Other Data

Research Site: Comunidad Capiri

Project: Flora of Camanti-Marcapata