Collection Details

Collection Date: 1 October 2013
Determined By: unknown
Determination Date: unknown
Institution: unknown


Continent: South America

Country: Brazil

Region: Amazonas

Subregion: Novo Airão

Closest Town: Moura

Locality Description: Parque Nacional Jaú. Rio Jaú.

DD Latitude: -1.90659

DD Longitude: -61.5866

Max. Elevation: 40 m


Habitat Description: Campinarana vegetation with canopy to 12-20m in height.

Soil Description: White sand, probably with a periodically high water table that reaches near or to surface.

Botanical Data

Plant Notes: Fern to 20cm.

Habit: Herb

Other Data

Research Site: Campina Itaubaul

Project: Aguajal Project